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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the limitations of the trial version?
All features are enabled in the trial version. The only limitation is the program locks itself after 30 days.

2. How long will I receive upgrades and patches?
When you purchase WorshipCenter Pro you will receive all future patches and upgrades.

3. Does WorshipCenter Pro support the features of Powerpoint 2000 and XP?
Yes, in fact when using Powerpoint files within WorshipCenter Pro, we recommend having Powerpoint 2000 or XP installed on the computer. WorshipCenter Pro now supports the Powerpoint Viewer 97 application, but the features are limited.

4. Can I suggest a feature?
Yes! We will work with you to customize WorshipCenter Pro to your needs. Email us at to get started.

5. What is a site license?
With a site license, you can use WorshipCenter Pro on any computer from your organization at no extra cost.

6. Why is it so cheap? Is it not as good as other products? Is it missing features?
Our goal is to release a full-featured, easy to use product that can enhance church services, while at the same time be affordable. We feel that offer the best package to easily get your service up and going. All upgrades are free for life too. As we add new features and make the product better, you get all of these updates automatically.

7. What are the system requirements?
Minimum: (Limited features, no transitions, background video, or text effects)
Pentium 75
Internet Explorer 5.0
Windows 98

Pentium III 1.4 Ghz
512 MB Ram
Internet Explorer 6.0
Windows XP

For multiple monitor mode (i.e. seperate displays for the congregation and the operator) you must have either two video cards installed or a dual-head video card.

8. What kind of video card do you recommend?
We recommend any ATI Radeon card that supports multiple monitors (e.g. Radeon 9200) Make sure that the card you get supports two monitor outputs. We do not recommend the Matrox series of dual monitor cards because they only support video overlay on one output.

9. What kind of video capture card do you recommend (for live video)?
For the best quality, go with the Osprey 100.

10. How do I add announcements and sermon outlines?
We are working on the ability to add announcements and outlines easily in WorshipCenter Pro, but for now we recommend that you create announcements and sermon outlines in PowerPoint, then drop the PowerPoint files in WorshipCenter Pro.

11. Can I add my own backgrounds and songs?
Of course! Visual Styles can be fully customized by you. Add your own pictures, video, fonts, etc. As for songs, you can add your own categories as well as add your own songs. You can even import songs from text files, PowerPoint and CCLI Song Select.