Adding Songs

When adding songs, there are settings in the preferences that "auto correct" formatting mistakes.  (Lines that are too long, too many lines on one slide).  Keep this in mind when adding songs to the database.  An empty line denotes a new slide, but if you'd like an empty line in your song, simply put an empty line with <BR> in it.


Song Tab



Enter the title of the song here.



Enter the CCLI# for this song here.  This will aid in reporting song usage to CCLI.



Enter the name of the person who wrote the song here.



This lists the different lyric parts available in the song (e.g. Column Set, Verse 1, Chorus, Bridge, etc).

You can add a new section by clicking on Add, edit a section by selecting a section and clicking on Edit or delete a section by selection a section and clicking on Delete.



The lyrics correspond to the section on the left.


Import Powerpoint Text:

If you have a song saved in the Powerpoint format, this will import that text directly into the Song Editor.


Copyright Information:

Enter the copyright data for this song.  The slide automatically adds the text "Copyright " and ".  All rights reserved." around the text you enter here so you do not have to enter it every time.



Enter a bible verse or quote that this song references.


Auto spell-check:

Select this option to automatically run a spell-check when the song is saved.



Run a manual spell-check on the song.


Refresh Preview:

After changing text, this refreshes the preview window so you can see how your changes affect the layout.



Opens a window that lets you see how the song will look on the screen.


Add to Current Set List:

Automatically adds this song to the set list when it is saved.


Details Tab


These fields are used for searching and referencing a song.


Visual Style Tab


You can assign a specific Visual Style to a song that appears no matter what the currently selected Visual Style is.