1.  Click on Preferences.

2.  Click on Visual Styles on the left.

3.  Click on Add.

4.   Enter a name for the Visual Style.

5.  Select type Effects on the bottom left.


You can have several types of effects assigned to a Visual Style font.


Select the field type you want to edit.  Each section of a slide can have different effects assigned to it.


You can drag the items to place them in the order you want.  They apply from top to bottom.



Places a border around each letter of the text on the screen.



Simulates a shadow coming from the text.


Drop Shadow

Simulates a shadow behind the text.



Applies a blur filter to the text.


Motion Blur

Simulates the look of motion on the text.



Adjusts the opacity of the text.



Performs a sine wave distortion of the text of the object along the vertical axis.



Displays the text as an engraved texture.



Displays the text as an embossed texture.