1.  Click on Preferences.

2.  Click on Visual Styles on the left.

3.  Click on Add.

4.   Enter a name for the Visual Style.


Select the field type you want to edit.  Each section of a slide can have different fonts assigned to it.



Set whether or not the text will blink.


Only show on first slide

This text will only appear on the first slide shown in the object.


Fit text to width

Makes text smaller to avoid word-wrapping.


The following fields are shown in depth here.



The size of the field in the slide.


Vertical Alignment

Where the text is vertically in the section of the slide.


Horizontal Alignment

Where the text is horizontally in the section of the slide.


Suppress Text

The text is invisible, but the section still exists in the slide.



The section does not exist in the slide.