Main Settings

The preferences window allows you to set many options in WorshipCenter Pro in one place.


Select the bar to the left to change modes.


Go the next object when a video, image or song finishes.

Allows you to set up an automatic slide show.


Loop at end of list.

When using the automatic advancing, if the end of the list is reached, it will start again at the top.


Multi-monitor mode.

When using dual monitors, select this option to enable point-and-click slide interaction.  This also works for users of Dual Head cards that have one wide monitor instead of independent displays.


Freeze at the end of a video.

When a video is finished playing, freeze-frame instead of going to black.


Use background video safe mode.

If background videos are not working correctly, try setting this option.


Always display preview window.

Automatically loads and displays content in the preview window when viewing the list.


Check for new versions.

Connects to the WorshipCenter Pro server to see if a new full release is available.


Check for beta versions.

When connecting to the WorshipCenter Pro server, this will also look for new beta releases.


Select Monitor

Selects the monitor where the presentation will display.